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In this modern martial art (Budo) the victory over one’s opponent doesn’t stand in the foreground, but rather one’s personal, mental and bodily further development. Aikido creates and also requires a mental state in which concentration, poise and responsiveness come together. Techniques that in the traditional martial arts were hard and forcible, have become supple and fine.

Aikido Principles

Aikido is a system of various defense techniques based on the geometrical forms of the circle and the spiral. The aim of Aikido lies in finding for each attack the correct answer in the form of a perfect movement. Aikido does not teach a fight, but rather communication with the opponent. It serves one’s bodily and mental development.

The precise study of the basic techniques is very important. With regular practice students learn Aikido fundamentals: proper position, a good sense of distance in order to protect one’s own space, the correct angle in relation to one’s partner, and good contact with him or her. With these principles students learn the different roles of attacker and defender. They also learn to have respect for their partner.

When students come to understand the technique, they can then free themselves from its outer form and develop their personal feeling for the technique. They discover the endless possibilities which Aikido offers.

Aikido and Philosophy

Aikido can be seen as the search for a condition beyond fear and aggression. The philosophy of Aikido is one of peace, harmony, openness and love.

Aikido nurtures self-awareness, it fosters a sense for tranquility and for the pursuit of a harmonious relationship between human beings and nature.

Aikido seeks to protect life. It’s the path of humaneness in an effective martial art.

Experience Aikido

Aikido is a wonderful journey into the world of a both combative and peaceful dialogue with different training partners. We extend to you a heartfelt invitation to gain a firsthand impression of this world.

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