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Jean-Marie Milleville ( 6. Dan Aikikai Tokyo ) is head and teacher of the AIKIDO DOJO SÜDSTERN in Berlin.

Jean-Marie is a passionate trainer, he is teacher children for 20 years.

He was born 1965 in the North of France and began training 1990 at an Aikido dojo in Alsace.

Having growing rapidly enthusiastic about this elegant martial art from Japan, he attended numerous seminars in France and Germany. At this time he met Christian Tissier (8th Dan), Michel Erb (6th Dan) and Paul Matthis (5th Dan).

Paul Matthis and Michel Erb quickly became Jean-Marie Milleville’s teachers and he attended many of their seminars. The training by Paul Matthis in Strasbourg, where he taught as the highest ranking Aikidoka in the region, became a mainstay in Jean-Marie’s training.

Another milestone in Jean-Marie’s Aikido education was set when he first encountered the internationally recognized Aikido Master Christian Tissier (8th Dan). Tissier’s instruction had already shaped a generation of remarkably well-trained Aikidokas. Jean-Marie sought to still further complete his Aikido by attending workshops taught by Master Saotome (8th Dan).

Today Jean-Marie Milleville teaches passionately in his own dojo, AIKIDO DOJO SÜDSTERN, in Berlin. He practices an Aikido style that distinguishes itself through movements that are supple, dynamic and technically precise.

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