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Aikido:The modern, emphatically defensive Japanese martial art of Aikido has as its aimredirecting the force of an opponent’s attack (defense) and using this selfsame force to render the opponent temporarily unable to further attack (protection), without thereby injuring him or her. Aikido is comprised mainly of throwing and holding techniques. On the mat disipline and obedience are highly valued. Aikido enjoys wide popularity with parents because they see the greatest advantages of this form of self-defense for their children. Already at the young age of five can children make a healthy start.

Not to be overlooked…
Children should initially learn any martial art playfully, in particular when first beginning at the age of five or six. In this way greater self-trust and an elevated body awareness can develop altogether automatically. Moreover, the constructive handlung of one’s own aggressions and of one’s partner’s should be practiced. A respectful and trusting attitude in relation to one another represents an important goal of the training.

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